Dragon History

The Dragon School was founded as the Oxford Preparatory School in 1877 and moved to its present site on the northern edge of Oxford University soon afterwards. Its fifteen acres run along the banks of the River Cherwell and, for the past fifty years, it has been a charitable trust dedicated to providing all that is best in education. It is administered by a governing body.

For many years the school was run by the Lynam family and it was very much due to them that the Dragon became arguably the best known of all preparatory schools.

Skipper Lynam

Skipper Lynam (HM: 1886 - 1920) pictured here and his much younger brother Hum (HM: 1920 - 1942) were leaders in the educational world and had the unconventional belief that boys and girls should enjoy school and be positive and independent.

Joc Lynam (HM: 1942 - 1965) ensured that many of the traditions were continued and today young Dragons still have a weekly prep learning poetry and prose and they debate with understanding and insight.

The school has a comparatively informal ethos, relying on common sense and individual responsibility rather than a long set of formal rules. Hence the children have a high degree of articulate self-confidence and it is not unexpected that among its old pupils (Old Dragons) can be found a large number of successful men and women.

Their modern successors remain positive and remarkably articulate and, after they have left the Dragon, remain a cohesive group with friendships continuing in a way more usual in senior schools or universities. Boys and girls leave the Dragon, usually at thirteen, to go to more than a hundred different schools all over the United Kingdom and abroad. The 'Draconian' (the school magazine) is sent to all those still at their senior schools and these are invited to a Junior OD lunch each year. Parents and former pupils may take out a subscription to continue to receive the Draconian which contains news of Old Dragons as well as current school news. In these and other ways the sense of belonging to the Dragon, which is established firmly at school, is maintained in a way that is probably unique among preparatory schools.

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Why the 'Dragon' school?

The School was founded by a committee of Oxford Dons, among whom the most active was a Mr George, and the first brood held a conclave and in honour of St George decided to call themselves Dragons." (From "A Dragon Century").

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