Term Dates

  Easter 2019    
Boarders return Wednesday 9 January    
Term begins: Thursday 10 January    
In School W/e: Saturday 12 January to Sunday 13 January    
Exeat: *Friday 25 January to evening of Sunday 27 January    
Half Term: *Friday 15 February to evening of Sunday 24 February    
Exeat: *Friday 15 March to evening of Sunday 17 March    
Term Ends: Friday 29 March (lunchtime)    
  Summer 2019    
Boarders return: Wednesday 24 April    
Term begins: Thursday 25 April    
In School W/e: Saturday 27 April to Sunday 28 April    
Exeat: *Friday 3 May to evening of Monday 6 May    
1st May Bank Holiday: Monday 6 May    
Half Term: *Friday 24 May to evening of Sunday 2 June (including second May Bank Holiday)    
Common Entrance Week:  Tuesday 4 June to Friday 8 June    
A Block Expeditions Week:  Begins Monday 10 June    
Exeat:  *Friday 14 June to evening of Sunday 16 June    
Middle School Prizegiving: Saturday 29 June for C & D Blocks (9.00am)    
Upper School Prizegiving: Saturday 29 June for A & B Blocks (11.30am)    
Leavers' Service: Sunday 30 June (10am)    
In School Sunday: Sunday 30 June    
Term Ends: Saturday 6 July (after Sports Day)    
  Christmas 2019    
Boarders return: Wednesday 4 September    
Term begins: Thursday 5 September    
In School W/e: Saturday 7 September to Sunday 8 September    
Exeat: *Friday 27 September to evening of Sunday 29 September    
Half Term: *Friday 18 October to evening of Sunday 3 November    
Exeat: *Friday 22 November to evening of Sunday 24 November    
In School W/e: Saturday 7 December to Sunday 8 December    
Term Ends: Saturday 14 December (with the Sale)    
  Easter 2020    
Boarders return: Wednesday 8 January    
Term begins: Thursday 9 January     
In School W/e: Saturday 11 January to Sunday 12 January    
Exeat: *Friday 24 January to evening of Sunday 26 January    
Half Term: *Friday 14 February to evening of Sunday 23 February    
Second Exeat: *Friday 13 March to Sunday 15 March    
In School W/e: Saturday 21 March to Sunday 22 March    
Term Ends: Friday 27 March (lunchtime)    
  Summer 2020    
Boarders return: Wednesday 22 April    
Term begins: Thursday 23 April    
In School W/e: Saturday 25 April to Sunday 26 April    
**Exeat: *Thursday 7 May to evening of Sunday 10 May     
Half Term: *Friday 22 May to Sunday 31 May (inluding second May Bank Holiday)    
Common Entrance Week: Tuesday 2 June to Friday 5 June    
A Block Expedition: Monday 8 June to Friday 12 June    
Exeat: *Friday 12 June to evening of Sunday 14 June    
Prize Giving: Saturday 27th June    
Leavers' Service: Sunday 28 June (10.00am)    
Term Ends: Saturday 4 July (after Sports Day)     

**Due to the 2020 May bank holiday change from Monday 4th May to Friday 8th May, please note the exeat dates have changed as above.

*E Block and Middle School pupils break up on Friday 12.15pm; Upper School pupils at 12.30pm.